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THE SUN …..” We always use Andy as David’s double for one reason. He’s the most like him”

ALISON JACKSON DOUBLE TAKE……” I’ve worked with Andy for seven years now. He’s a true professional, better than the real deal.”

JOANNE, DAVID'S SISTER…..” When I met Andy it really freaked me out. He’s so much like David I had to ask for a photo with him”

RAY STUBBS FOOTBALL FOCUS….”It’s exactly like being in the room with David himself”

ROB WALTERS, WORLD KEEPY UPPY CHAMPION…..” Andy is the best Beck’s double I’ve seen and he has more tricks than the man himself”

SVEN GORAN ERIKSON…” Hi David how’s the foot. I know where to come if ever I need a replacement”

MR WOO, THE WORLDS BEST FOOTBALL ENTERTAINER…” Andy is a great entertainer. With his ball skills and looking like Beckham he has a great performance”

YOU INC JAPAN…..” We bought Andy to Japan on many occasions, he was a massive success. He was mobbed where ever he went and is such a lovely person to work with.”

WESTLIFE…” We’ve met the Beckham’s and it’s amazing how similar they are”

ROBERTO CARLOS….” Hello David how are you? Wow you really look like him.”

GILETTE BARBERA HOLSINK….” Andy is a lovely person to work with. He is reliable and really looks like David. But he is a lot more affordable”

FAKE FACES LOOKALIKE AGENCY…” Seeing is believing when you see Andy. Not only does he look like him but his skill with a ball is brilliant. He is professional and reliable and the client has always been 100% happy.”

GURINDA CHUDAHA, DIRECTOR OF BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM…” We used Andy in the film and it fooled everyone all over the world. It really caused a stir.

SARA COX RADIO 1….” Andy is well fit. David’s spit.”