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being david beckham

Being David Beckham


In 2003 Andy became a hit in Japan and after a successful few trips Andy landed himself and his band ‘The Copycats’ a record deal. They released an album and toured Japan promoting the album over a week.

Sky One

The deal sparked interest from Sky One who commisioned an hour long TV documentary about Andy’s life as a lookalike and follow the band on their trip. The programme gave a great insight into Andys life and also the Beckham phenomina that had struck the world. The album sold around 3 thousand copies and Andy, Dan, Paul and Kristian were begining to get noticed but the attention seemed to be more on Andy’s resemblance to Beckham more than their music. Since then the band have split but are great friends bonded by the experience and are all still making music. Andy is currently making an englang song with the England lookalike team ‘The England Wannabe’s’.

being david beckham impersonator